Feriecenter Rågeleje Klit 

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Here you can book an apartment at Rågeleje Klit.

Booking for the coming year can be made from November onwards.

  • Unit A : 62-66m2 with sleeping accomodation for 6 persons (2 levels)
  • Unit B : 42,5-45m2 with sleeping accomodation for 5 persons (ground floor)
  • Unit C : 33-35m2 with sleeping accomodation for 4 persons (1st floor)

​​The booking is not final until written confirmation has been received from Rågeleje Klit 

Please make sure all required fields are filled out correctly

​Feriecenter Rågeleje Klit

​Rågeleje Strandvej 91

3210 Vejby - View on Google Maps

CVR: 19067890

Contact us

Phone: +45 48 71 76 61

Reception e-mail: reception@raageleje-klit.dk

Accountant e-mail: bogholderi@raageleje-klit.dk